Saint Therese of Jesus

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Saint Therese of Jesus

Marie Françoise Thérèse Martin, 2/1/1/ 1873, was born in France, since she was a very sick girl, but she met someone who did her very well, and was determined, and entered Carmel at the age of 14.
She evangelized without ever leaving the convent, and today we commemorate the day of Saint Therese.
Whenever the Ostensory passed in front of her, she threw rose petals, and before her death, she said it would rain, a rain of roses.
Then, on the 30th day of September 1897, at the age of 24, his soul was taken to heaven.
And so, after her canonization, today is celebrated within the Catholic tradition the homage to St. Therese of roses and blessings, intercessor of Christ, who performs miracles.
May Saint Therese, on that day, help my children, my family, who may fall petals blessed by God for all of us.
And that in this intercession that I make to her, I trace the care of my carnal and spiritual children, and that I ask forgiveness, and I also expose my heart so that all may have peace and harmony, and that on that day, peace may reign in all of us.
Devotees or not. May there be prosperity and certainties of gratitude.
To reflect a little:



São Paulo, October 1, 2019.
Exactly 19 years ago, my Gabriel was photographed in the garden of our house on the Pedrinho motorcycle, and 3 days later, submitted to catheterization on 4/10/2000, at Hospital São Paulo, where he had a reaction to anesthesia, and was special for a year, a month and a day, after that, God took him with him.
The picture below is of Gabriel Gonçalves Mendes Castro, my angel who is with God.
Teka Castro, mother, teacher, writer, spiritualist and environmentalist.
São Paulo, October 1st, 2000 and nineteen.
9am and 53 min.
Described in 2 sites.
Just look for Tereza Cristina G Castro or Téka Castro.
I offer to all the devotees of Santa Terezinha, to my children, and to all of my great family, Luso-Spanish.
And, also, I offer to all the gardeners, as your Sundays, your Severo, who do the gardening in Mom's house.
To all the landscapers, and finally to the birthday boys of the month of October.
Teka Castro, peace and well.

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