The Wine Jars

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You shall speak to them of this Word,
Every jar be filled with wine;
Remembering what you have heard,
God will give a warning sign.

Do we not indeed that you know,
Wine in every jar filled;
It is the blood of Christ to flow,
For righteousness to be instilled.

For I will fill with drunkenness,
All inhabitants of this land;
They will be filled with brokenness,
No longer be able to stand.

The kings who will sit on the throne,
The priests and all of the prophets;
As the inhabitants condone,
Have more money in their pockets.

They dash one against another,
Fathers and sons all together;
Envy with greed of each other,
Clashing of titans will gather.

God will not spare with compassion,
That the Lord should not destroy them;
Their conflict be in a fashion,
They themselves each other condemn.

Hear and give ear not to be proud,
Rather be humble as you seek;
Never to be boastful aloud,
Consider yourself to be meek.

Give glory to the Lord your God,
Before He brings total darkness;
Worship as you honor and laud,
Before Satan cause his starkness.

Your feet will stumble in twilight,
Before the light turns into gloom;
Because you will be losing sight,
As deep darkness causes your doom.

If you listen not to abide,
Your soul will weep within secret;
Because of having too much pride,
Bitterly tears shows your debit.

What will you say when they punish,
Pangs be like a woman in labor;
For the transgressions do tarnish.
The good works done for your neighbor.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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