Father Marcelo Rossi

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Father Marcelo Rossi

A creature of mine who was involved with the joy of love.
The pain that you go through overcomes barriers.
Do not waste water on futile things.
But remember the little ones
The ones that aren't serene.
You are always blessed,
Take the Word everywhere.
Lead the flock well,
Not with immediacy,
But with the commitment of a lifetime..,
Of Love and the Greater Commandment.
Be happy, heal the scar that still opens,
And it bleeds.
But you have the blessings of the Eternal One,
Take care of the poorest
And I did,
Don't just talk about forgiveness,
But forgive and thank
God is with you
Even in danger,
You'll have God.
Your life is a message
And now you'll be heard more,
And he'll take it with you,
The friend Jesus
Who leads in spirit
The voice of the heart,
The radio particle-wave,
These are blessings laden with love,
That they'll all go,
That for nature,
The beauty of the Lord's life.
Be your love,
And, as you say,
Go back to First Love,
To the eyes to open
You'll see the angel of peace,
Capable of wrapping him in a lot of love.
Be happy.
Bless the most humble,
And, believe me,
There will be difficult times
You pray for the lives of those who believe in God,
And they die like the inquisition in North Korea,
Volunteer and bring love,
Even to the bed of the mortilla.
Be more, bless each new family.
Be just an instrument,
And I digested it,
Drink water and good food.

Handwritten poetry on 29/9/19. Listening to the program of Father Marcelo in the transmission of Radio Capital, and with affection I transcribe that same day for these two sites: https://etastic.com/terezacristinagonalvesmendescastro and https://www.escritas.org/pt/n/t/55773/nao-sou-surdo among others.
Peace and well.
I offer in special the Diocese of Santo Amaro, São Paulo, the Charismatic Renewal, to our brothers of other religions, and to all the listeners of the program.
Not to mention, for the employees, radio broadcasters and others of Radio Capital ( https://www.capitalcomvoce.com.br/programas/programa.php?p=71&No+colo+de+Jesus+e+de+Maria ) -
Site to ask for prayers, to light virtual candles, taking care of the environment, and to write your testimony access - https://www.padremarcelorossi.com.br/

May the Message of God reach all peoples, that there are no more wars in the name of God, because God is Love and Wisdom.
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro, or simply Téka Castro, who by inspiration made this text in homage.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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