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June 5th, considered the World Environment Day, and here in our Brazilian territory, do we have something to celebrate?
Extinguished blue macaws, pink dolphins, extinct. And the indigenous population is about to disappear, due to financial issues of land grabbers, farmers and others.
Our president slows down the issue of inspection, and the Amazon gradually disappears, disappearing as if nothing else matters.
Recently the scientists decreed that more than a million species are extinct, we, men, are also species, and disappearing both vegetable and animal, we can hope, that man will not last long on our planet.
Today Ana Maria Braga, in the Mais Você (More You) program, said about a phrase she read on the wall of a public school in the state of Rio de Janeiro, "that we cannot say that we are going to throw away the garbage. Well, it doesn't exist outside of the planet - Our Home, Our Home. "Let's learn to recycle, rethink, reuse, reduce, reuse. Let's embrace ourselves in favor of the oceans, where we launch billions of polymers, where we launch, oil, where we launch death.
We cannot forget that there is no outside on our Planet, and talking about outside the Planet, we already have n satellites flying over our exosphere, and soon, due to the gravitational attraction of bodies, it may fall.
The world fights for environmental issues, and exactly, Brazil and the United States withdraw from this medium, this is too sad, this is a mockery of two beings that end up attacking life, or better, Life, with capital letters, because Life, only GOD can give us or take away.
We have to respect the Environment, we have to try to see in the other being, our reflection, our identity.
To stop being consumers, exchange cell phones, and other electronic devices, we have to know how to change our attitudes due to the Environment, the use of Water, renewable energies, the electricity process and so many other things.
We have to value our Planet, and I ask Trump and Bolsonaro, to stop and think, in a second we destroy what Nature takes years to build.
Today World Environment Day, day also that in England, is celebrated the taking of Normandy, unfortunately the wars, weapons, also bring pain to the environmental issue, have seen what happened in Hiroshima and Nagashaki, two quiet cities, where the first Hydrogen bombs were dropped. In addition to killing several beings in all species, human, animal and plant, we still have radiation that occurs there.
Let's think about all this, and let's soon change our attitudes for the better.
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Téka Castro - chemistry teacher, mother, writer, spiritualist, environmentalist, citizen of the world.

São Paulo, June 5, 2019.
17:39 h


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