Wise Living

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Be very careful how you live,
Not as unwise but to be wise;
What you receive and what you give,
Are not full of cheating and lies.

See that you walk circumspectly,
For being wise rather than fools;
All you do be effectively,
Able to follow all the rules.

Take advantage every chance,
Redeeming time because of days;
Not letting evil to advance,
Opportunity that one strays.

For this reason, be not foolish,
Never trying to be unwise;
Or allow to become childish,
As iniquities in disguise.

So be wise by understanding,
Doing as the will of the Lord;
And to what God is demanding,
For remaining in one accord.

Do not get drunk having strong drink,
Having beer or wine in excess;
Always take some time for to think,
As you pray ensure to confess.

Avoid types of debauchery,
That cause lusting for some pleasure;
For Satan and his treachery,
Attempts to lure to his treasure.

Be filled with the Holy Spirit,
With everything that you do;
Be rewarded through your merit,
While you still remaining true.

So, speak unto one another,
In psalms, hymns, and spiritual song;
Treating each sister and brother,
Fairly without causing them wrong.

Sing and make music in your heart,
Making melody to the Lord;
Ensuring His Word to impart,
While He is loved and adored.

Always give thanks to the Father,
In the name of Lord Jesus Christ;
No matter hither or thither,
Thankful on who was sacrificed.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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