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Posture is a neat word with heart letter "S" or third and for the World with God Christ…Great God as plane with Allah the whole with proper to such attentions in forming and settling a territory the Africa.

That defines when one allow room for the Sun, Church with heavens above, Neptune, Mars and Jupiter. This sets range with calendar twelve of month with second and four of letter "O" and "T" letting the word express concerns for guides that follow elder ways of the Southern Cross the four thousand years of planning.

With the "P" at the start holding a Hundred years for data that meets certain standards that a "R" could be formed through assembly with the Pulsar star sets focus and curser for Holy Priest Church and Government with God and Christ concerns Schools about length and formation of Nations through ritual matters and respecting rank.

So of Posture, Post for mankind and for part other is in basic worked out and has been lived by for almost its full length of Forty Thousand years. And when you use the Fifth letter a hinge and hand for Month October or April and an upper heavenly way for mortal as well other concerns that are to post above that good reason for assembly to found, address and define concerns as the "U" stands.

The next letter the "R" then "E" in fact it best to Pause and think about heavenly concerns as "Ure" more or less meaning assembly or proving the Hypothesis on a Law physical or social Church or Government. Which would lead to Momentum equations just like in Dynamics school for Angels as mortals or being proper for school in the heavens with rightful support.

So at Post one should expect to hold concerns in address to the Time of the God being and fitness to address the lengths with respects to the Lord's school keeping letters for basic being growing up Child Adult then Mature being. Posture as a word should be of practice for both parts of Man with part other for the sake of "Form." You really have to grow up and get with it both parts to be a wholesome being.

Mictopyci Michael Pinger Yaw! 5/15/19

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