Being a mother today

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Being a mother today
As it is difficult to be a mother, we do not have a manual, many try to give lessons and advice to us, but the task is arduous.
The hard thing is to see our children get lost even with fanatical colleagues from the churches, they forget the simplest of commandments.
They forget the Ten Commandments, "Honour Father and Mother," from the Sacred Tables.
It is hard today for mothers to see their children leave school, where they pass on knowledge and citizenship, it is hard to see the media transpose our ways of educating, it is hard so much pedagogy and psychology contrary to the teachings of parents.
It is not being eighty or eighty, mother must be respected, loved, and also love.
The child knows that the mother does not charge for the hours of pain, or the deformation of the body, or even hypertension, caused by pregnancy. Or know also the children that mothers do not charge for the hours they stayed up at night to breastfeed, or change the diaper, or when it burned with fever ran to the emergency room.
Know what the mother went through when she was diagnosed with some child disease, or when the child had to take an injection in a thin butt and the mother cried together.
When the son, needed serum, and had no other vein to catch but the head that they shaved and there put the needle with the medicine.
Yes, the mother suffers, and does not charge, but the children today say they are being forced to study, or to help with the housekeeping, of the room itself, it is boring when the mother loses her child to the world.
Not to mention, virtual friends, who want more from the destruction of the other, how far have we come?
In a school only for boys here in the Ademar City region, he thinks he needs to educate the parents, offering free courses, but if the parents do not go to the training meeting, even the child taking good grades is expelled, or in the public school where the parents think we are nannies (teachers) of their children.
Today, being a mother is dealing with so many tragedies, illicit drugs, funk dances that disrupt people's right to come and go.
Not to mention the brainwashing of churches, whatever denomination they may be.
Not counting now, in Brazil, with a president who leaves the free will for everyone to have weapons, we already live in wars, there is no need for that anymore.
Being a mother is something that I'm learning today at 51, it's not easy, because adolescence today goes on at 30, and I have 3 at home, I suffer disappointments, I know that I've also disappointed people, especially my parents, but, I regret it, today I see that teenagers do not regret anything.
Did I teach wrong?
Do not know if I am a mother?
I apologize for saying no, because many did not receive from my mother, and today having to be a better person.
I ask God to bless all mothers and children, and that there be more love and faith, that there be many joys,
And I ask God for wisdom to bear it all with Love.
Peace and good.
Listening to the Mass of the Shrine of the Mother of God.
#? Our Lady of Fatima
Tereza Cristina G Castro.
Mother of Alexia Cristina, Emmanuel and Anna Clara.
In memoriam: Gabriel (Alexia's Twin) and Aryel (spontaneous abortion).
São Paulo, May 11, 2019.
"My God and my everything"!!!!
Published on three sites.
http://escritas.org - Teka Castro

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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