Souvenirs, candies souvenirs…

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Souvenirs, candies souvenirs…
If one day to arrive strangely, comforts me.
It hugs me strong.
Me aconchegue to your chest.
Thus, as you I have my rights.
The souvenirs come and go.
They play with the homesickness.
The happiness if goes….
The smile, stay cool.
As in a picture of Of the Vinci,
Souvenirs, that the time does not erase.
It fondles my neurons,
and, the tears move my look.
Ah. My old friends of infancy,
the time in separated them,
But the memories never…
The peace that I feel when writing,
To say that to the fourteen years I loved, and I was loved…
But, the time, roared, found new lives.
E, today the thankful God,
When listening of Atomic mass unit: “Very Strange”,
I remember that lying in your chest,
That white shirt, and your candy affection.
Beto friend, who God blesses you and the family,
Therefore, today I say, that strangely the time in takes them to reflect.
E, today my affection for you,
If makes in plus a poetry,
That I dedicate with tenacity to all of yours and my family.
São Paulo, 2 of April of 2019.
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro
sunny Day.
Inspiration after to listen to radio new FM.
Only Brazilian songs.

In the image from left to right:

My friend Rita de Cassia, an acquaintance of ours, Vivi, and me.
Both of us, Rita and I, were almost the same with the same style, blue jeans and white shirt.

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