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Teachers' lounge: _

Before the teachers' room was quieter, groups did not want to appear, healthy conversations, experiences, and others for unusual matters.
Nowadays, they transmit noises, noises, voices in altered tones in the teachers' lounge.
Time, which has transformed us.
The experience with the current students that makes us crazy.
No matter how much education parents give,
The children, they go through transformations,
And often rebellion,
Not just at home, but at school,
In the classroom.
Let's try to change,
See things from another angle,
We see everything.
But let us go back,
Teachers in a healthy environment,
In a cheerful environment,
No outside gossip, which is not our job.
Let's leave our anguish many times behind,
Twenty minutes apart,
Let's close our eyes,
Relax and maybe change our lives,
Because stress compromises all of us.
And the student's noise is no longer enough for us,
But also our postural life.
Let there be life,
Peace be upon you,
May there be in all of us commitment and changes to improve our lives.
May the world give us more value,
Yeah, all of us in education,
We're stressing, getting sick,
Getting hurt with each other.
We go according to the joy,
Let's go in peace, let's enjoy a new process,
And have a professional life a little happier!

Author: Tereza Cristina G Castro
I offer to all teachers and employees of Education of the State of São Paulo, who to date have not passed on to us the 10.15% since January 2018. https://agora.folha.uol.com.br/grana/2019/07/funcionalismo-professores-do-estado-cobram-reajuste-salarial.shtml
We also need care.
I do not deny that many students come under stress, and they blame us for everything, often, in addition to the threats, they kill us.
What about human rights? For the offenders, for those who mistreat, kill, but for those who really need it, where are the human rights?
The political ambitions of our rulers, and the lack of help from parents, not to mention the adolescent period, let there be patience.
Tereza Cristina G Castro
São Paulo, September 4, 2019.
Location of the writing of this poem: EEProfessor Doctor Lauro Pereira Travassos teachers' room.

Written in 2 websites: http://belasartesbelas.ning.com

Peace and well.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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