Addicted generation

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Addicted generation

Maybe I'm not drugged with drugs, maybe my addiction is different.
I was born in the year 67, different, the dictatorship covered us in a single regime, not only in Brazil, but also in the world.
I grew up with cool experiences.
I used to run, ride my bike, hide and seek, cliques, little schools, makeup on my friends, and so many other things, I had fun.
Nowadays, I realize that it seems necessary to use cell phones.
Whether it's in my living room or in the classroom, whether I'm a student or a teacher, whether in the surgical center, at the medical reception, or across the street, not paying attention to the direction of the car itself, and other activities.
Yes, I am addicted to a machine, which occupies the first place in my house, occupies my life at all times.
The cell phone is no longer a mobile phone, it is much more.
We lose our lives for real, for others to enjoy our lives.
Everything is on the phone, even the innocent games, or shooting, that vitiate us.
I'm addicted, but I'm not alone, many are in the same addiction, and just like marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs, we're getting sick.
This question has transformed people.
We have n friends, views on whatsapp, facebook, tinder, and others, but in the day to day we barely relate.
I even know psychologists who should take care of people, who are also in the same addiction.
They have pastors, priests, and others.
Our generation of 50,60,70, we became addicted.
We have to seek help, and re-communicate as people who we are, as human beings.
How God made us.
Of course technology is necessary, but we still have to learn education, talk good morning, good afternoon, respect our parents, our children, ourselves. Respect nature, and be sure that we will cure ourselves of this addiction, how about starting to not start the day, having a good day in whatsapp?
Let's really indulge.
Let's be free.
I offer psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, and others.
I also offer to my children, and relatives.
Téka Castro.
São Paulo, April 9, 2019.
Teacher trained in Chemistry, writer, environmentalist, spiritualist, mother, wife, sister, and daughter.

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