The voice kids Brazil 2019.

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The voice kids Brazil

Every Sunday that passes I see spectacular shows. Children, pre teenagers, singing, poetising old songs, with voices that surprise us.
Suddenly being a technician, is really trying to hide as Carlinhos Brown, which I perceive suffers when choosing the best, among the best. Affordable. This 2019 edition is exceeding my expectations.
André Marques, tries to hide the nervousness, but it is visible, Tahlita a poetess, too, to stay there to try to reassure the children, what a thrill.
Today I have not even made the decision to vote, it's difficult, I'm also a mother, and it's impossible to judge that it's the best.
He has angelic voices, a child being a child, speaks of Carlinhos Brown, the sweet, modest, romantic voice that brings songs that were great martyrs of our music and world music.
Congratulations to all who make the program, zeal for these children, may God bless and that the Elect Voice be blessed, but without forgetting, those who passed by, charmed, and showed much of themselves.
Voices of birds, these boys give an apprenticeship, and for sure, this year made me a fan.
I can not help saying, that each child should go his own way, without taking frustration to drugs, to rebellion, but to take more and more of their talents to all who need it.
May God strengthen each one with love and tenderness.
And, I keep waiting for the semi final, with great anxiety, and that wins, not only a voice, because everyone is already winners, great little singers.
Peace and good.
To watch the shows, go to:
https://www.google.com/search?q=The+voice+kids+2019+all+the+videos andoq=The+voice+kids+2019+all+the+videos andaqs chrome..69i57.22589j1j8 & sourceid = chrome & ie = UTF-8

Teka Castro.Mother, daughter, wife, teacher, writer, and fan.
Contact: alegabema@gmail.com
Published on two sites. Writers.org and Etastic.com

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