Religions are commonplace

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Religions are commonplace

Fanaticisms on all sides
Making Saints
But, guilty.
In the Catholic Church, so many divisions:
Charismatic, Opus Dei, and others I don't even know.
In the evangelical world,
They often preach to the devil
And, not to True God.
Take the example of Christ himself,
Who lived poor and noble.
But, some evangelicals become entrepreneurs overnight,
And, in any whip, they ask the faithful to give everything they have.
I was asked why I call religions banai,
For the shamelessness in them.
Pedophilia, irony and falsehood.
Today, I'm not even a spiritualist anymore,
But, still I respect the divine creation, the plants, rivers, skies, must not be mistreated by us, it was given to us free. And animals should not be killed for pleasure, not even I believe to eat.
Now I am Wicca, who believes in the strength of Nature, in the beauty of Creation, in the certainty that the Earth, Expiatory Planet will be purified one day.
The fanaticisms of religions, people who pray asking for themselves, but who act like hypocrites and mistreat the Works of Creation. Fanatical people, "rubbish" for me, that make me very bad energetically. So I call it banal and reflect, how can we accept wrong, wanting virtues? Our attitudes are complex, but deep down in my soul, I know that we have the same complex of carbon and hydrogen and that we are all the children of the same Father.

Handwritten July 31, 2018.
Remembering that in history we had Catholics who killed Muslims, Jews, etc. That pastors still did human trafficking, and other fanatics say they kill and kill others for God.
This is all wrong.
We are all children of the same Father. God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Christ, Emmanuel ...

São Paulo, January 19, 2020.
Teka Castro

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