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"I am passionate, passionate about life, the arts, poetry, singing (no singing), theatre, dance, painting, sculpture, archaeology....Rock paintings.....
I am passionate and I write many things that I see, hear and observe.
I often feel that people are not sincere, we all have our neuras, our chimeras.
We have our positive and negative points, angels and demons we are all, we are in the same direction.
But in short, I love being a sick environmentalist, and since September 18, 2019, I am not sweeping my sidewalk or the gutter, due to a fall I had on September 17, 2019, when I left the school where I work.
The ankle hurts, and the soul also, I see that even these rainy days, did not prevent people from throwing garbage in the streets, and this invading the house of others.
It's not because I live high up, I don't care what's down.
I speak of the arts, because if we observe well the divine work, rivers, seas, waterfalls, forests, animals, all are masterpieces of God, our creator, and if we observe men, some with blue eyes, others black, others are white, for the lack of melanin (https://www.sbd.org.br/dermatologia/pele/doencas-e-problemas/albinismo/24/), others have ebony color, and even so, if we study anatomically, we have no blue blood, we have the same quantities of organs, and inside our body, our organs, have the same color.
We have, then, as humans, the same composition of basic DNA, we have to have the art of life, and not fight for irrationalities such as wars, greed, pride, or simply for thinking that we are owners of our own bodies, that when we murder an embryo, yes when we think and commit abortion, we are murderers, both the woman, the doctor who performs and others who participate, or be owners of a man, or a woman.
We have to have the art of the look of life, of the look of God, of forgiveness and above all of our own conscience.
Say no to abortion, say yes to Life.
Say no to domestic violence, respect yourself and the other.
Nobody belongs to anyone, but we are all children of God!
And, being passionate, I assume my sincerity, I speak of what I live in my reality, I love what I do, and I thank those who read for their appreciation.
I love my art, in which I am part of the Family of God.
Live life with love and peace. Live with respect and attention.
Remember that we are all brothers before God, Allah, Jehovah.....
http://g1.globo.com/mundo/noticia/2015/06/refugiados-gravam-musica-e-video-em-que-agradecem-abrigo-no-brasil.html .
Hugs to all and I offer to all who have hearing loss, APAE ( http://www.apaesp.org.br/pt-br/Paginas/default.aspx ) The New Project Association and to all who see in the special someone normal.
Published the text in facebook and also in 3 more sites.
Téka Castro
SP 26 September 2019.
18h 27min.
Cold spring farm.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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