The Sin Problem

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Remember the Law is holy,
So, did that which is good brings death;
Commandments for meek and lowly,
For giving them a righteous breath.

Holy commandments are just and good,
That causes sin that God prohibits;
Sin not if we do as we should,
As a means that God inhibits.

For a deed that produces death,
Might become sin beyond measure;
That causes your last dying breath,
Will lose your heavenly treasure.

We know the Law is spiritual,
But we are flesh sold under sin;
Hooked on being habitual,
Creatures being tainted within.

I realize not my own actions,
For doing things that I hate;
Having immoral attractions,
That Satan always leaves some bait.

If I do what I desire,
I would disagree with the Law;
Because it burns like a fire,
Causes me to produce a flaw.

But now no longer I who do,
While the sin dwells within me;
Because of the things I pursue,
For the pleasures that I would see.

I want to do all that is right,
But unable to carry out;
For the darkness shrouded the light,
Casting of the shadows of doubt.

The good that I would I do not,
Because the evil that I do;
So, I continue to have sought,
For all the things that are not true.

So, I find it to be a Law,
That I desire to do right;
Evil lies and opens its claw,
And keeping me within His sight.

For the wretched man I am,
Thanks be to God who rescued me;
By giving me His precious lamb,
That opened my eyes as to see.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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