The New Creation

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I saw a new Heaven and earth,
As the first Heaven passed away;
A new creation given birth,
At the dawning of a new day.

I could see new Jerusalem,
Coming on down out of Heaven;
To believers an asylum,
A sanctuary was given.

Prepared looking just like a bride,
Adorned for the awaiting groom;
At one time was the crucified,
When everything appeared gloom.

I heard a loud voice from the throne,
The dwelling of God now with man;
Such a shining glory is shown,
As the Lord has unfurled His plan.

He will now live with His people,
All of the ones He has elect;
To show purpose of the Gospel,
Those the have been showing respect.

He wipes away every tear,
As death no longer to exist;
Grief or pain no longer to fear,
No ills to plague or persist.

Previous things have passed away,
God has made everything new;
It is the dawn of a new day,
Past struggles can be bid adieu.

For these words are faithful and true,
The Alpha and Omega my friend;
Knowledge and wisdom to construe,
Of the beginning and the end.

God will give water as a gift,
For thirsting from the spring of life;
Vigor and vim that will uplift,
Giving you peace of mind through rife.

The victor will inherit things,
Salvation making Him His son;
And for all the blessings it brings,
As the inheritance is done.

But unbelievers and liars,
The ones of who have not confessed;
They burn in the lake of fires,
An eternal tortured unrest.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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