Jequiti - beauty products without animal abuse.

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Jequiti - beauty products without animal abuse.

I research before anything else, about the products I buy for resale. Understand, I'm an environmentalist, so from my point of view, I'm critical of the treatment of our animal friends.
They suffer too much with abuses, of certain brands, in special of cosmetics, which realizes tests that ends up murdering our heroes, be it a simple laboratory mouse, a rabbit, a snake, no matter, we shouldn't mistreat.
And, as a chemist, I can't help but announce, of course, that we have companies such as unilever, of famous brands, avon, and so many others that perform these tests.
And, for me to resell Jequiti, I went after PETA, where they identify the companies that mistreat the animals.
We have to use beauty, but to live in peace with the creatures of the Planet.
I don't get to be vegan, vegetarian, but I am an environmentalist, and from this point of view, I do things according to what I live, and I believe.
So, for you that likes makeup, perfumery, I leave in this poetry that I am also a reseller of Jequiti products, and so, with accessible prices, I know that it is not easy for anyone, but I ask who knows me, come acquire from my hands this product that I use and is very good.
Always consult PETA list, to be informed, see that many companies due to marketing make misleading propaganda, so let's be respectful people for the animal life, because they are there as God's work, as well, as we human beings.




Teka Castro
São Paulo, October 1, 2019.
I offer to my clients and former clients.
I offer SBT
I offer to Jequiti's consultants and leaders, and to everyone who reads this little text.
Gratitude, even if I am not the best consultant, but I bring to others an unconditional love to all.
Peace and good.

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