Simply Mother

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Simply Mother

What is the meaning of Mother?
Historical examples are given to us.
It is related to the present and the past.
Mother, a three letter word,
With infinite meaning.
Even God in His Existential Wisdom,
He allowed Mary to be the Mother.
Mother of humanity,
Mother of hope,
Mother who suffered when she was crucified,
The son,
Mother who supported.
Mother who cried.
And, mother who fought for Unity.
Today the mother, unfolds in working woman, seductive (wife), domestic, artist,
And in my point of view,
Many women who did not beget in her womb,
They are mothers of friends,
They are more seductive,
They are teacher mothers.
They are mothers ...
Simply mother,
It is a text that I represent
It is a cluster of words,
But in fact,
Honoring my mother, Deonilde,
My aunt Joaquina,
And, so many other mothers who rest on their tombstones, and who were examples to us,
Young women, young mothers, who made up in the twenty-first century.
We who have to educate, and
Fight against the daring of technological life.
Mothers who are often scorned, marginalized.
Mothers who throughout the centuries were considered as those who, in addition to generating sexuality for their children,
But, genetics, came along the road,
And brought that man, the partner, the husband, gives the cell that penetrates the maternal womb, becomes a new man, the man, or a new woman.
And thus, to honor the mothers of the Association of Living Better (NCI), Life, My History, Mother Nature and Mary.
Simply Mother, it is a homage in poetry, but my embrace and appreciation to God for Dona Deonilde is a masterpiece.

Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro, known as Téka Castro, daughter, mother, wife, environmentalist, spiritualist.
I wish all women an excellent Mother's Day.
Written and printed poetry.
Placed in two sites: http://etastic.org and http://belasartesbelas.ning.com

Peace and good.
To all my mothers, my sincere congratulations.

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