Trees are innocent!

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Trees are innocent!

The human being wants to occupy all the spaces, and if it finds owner of the Planet. It rejects other beings.
Without counting, that due as much technology, it forgets the poetry the Life. The oxygenation donated for the trees, and other vegetables clorofilados, that synthecize to the Oxygen vital gas human we, through the solar light.
But, in all place, we depredate, we cause floods, without counting that the planted trees, are cemented and its roots, try to catch the light, the life, but human we, find that the trees in disfavor them, but not. For the the opposite, it in the ones of the shade, us of the food, in the ones of the life, and simply we kill them total.
The trees that fall in the secular of São Paulo, are guilt ours. Clearly that the city hall must have maintenance, but, we to give to space the roots of the same ones. Therefore we are murderous of other beings that had been also created by the same Father.
The trees are innocent, and in they give as many good things to them, mainly in the ambient question.
Then, why we act worse that any being without heart? It will be that we must renascer again?
As espiritualista, I believe the cycle, that we are, and that we will be beings livings creature in each reincarnation, not only human beings.
Then, let us can rethink, reorganize, and reaproveitar our lives, with love and donation.
Let us be grateful the God for the fruitful trees, for the trees of great transport, that in give protection to them.
We will never destroy the same ones, let us take care of of them with love.
To have trees in our sidewalk, is excellent, however we need to know that if we cement everything, this could be charged of proper us.
We have that to have census, to study the Nature, the beauty of the life, the art, the love of God.
We have that to have ambient conscience, and to take care of of our sidewalk, our way wire, and not to discard the garbage in the door of the neighbor, or in pertaining to school walls, as it happens with indifference in the Region of the Ademar City, in the Street Frei Lourenço de Alcântara, behind the wall of the EE Prof. Dr. Lauro Pereira Travassos.
E, remembering the leves do not poluem, if they decompose and what it fulls the culverts, they are bitucas of cigarette, plastics, and others that we discard why we are poor intellectuals, we are bad creatures. We have that to acquit the Nature, and in bitterly repenting them of our so dull errors.
Teka Castro.
Teacher, writer, ambientalista, espiritualista, son, mother, wife, aunt, brother-in-law, sister. Son of God, sister human being of the trees, the rivers, and the Life.
São Paulo, 6 of March of 2019.
Poetry conscience due the falls of the trees that devastaram São Paulo, due to care of all we!

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