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Inova_Educação - Life Project

2020, changes will happen within the Education Paulistana, the cool, that in my 31 years of profession, I saw n changes, some shake the structures, because we know that not charging arithmetic, or the issue of verbs (which are actions that we perform, or will still perform), not to mention the lack of integrating the various disciplines to everyday life.
Today, young people, no matter how connected they are to their social networks, who know ctrl+c/ctrl+v, often do not know the ABNT for a text, and ask the other to explore it with values that are sometimes insane.
Of course, today we see new changes, but it tires to see every year, or at least every 4 years, changes that harm teachers and education employees, managers, G.O.E.s, Agents of organization. The salary, as old Chico Anysio used to say, and continues to say in a humorous programming of the #CollectedProfessorRaimundo, and the Ohhhhhhhhhhh salary.
Not to mention that today the school has good students is a fact, but also some who call themselves students, and are to spoil the school environment, promote drug sales, and destroy, vandalize the Public Property. I am not against ECA - Statute of the Child and Adolescent, but in many years there has been so much talk about Rights, that people have forgotten their DUTIES, and this is very bad for the issue of coexistence, not only in our country, but in the world.
You see, problems of adolescents entering with guns in schools in the United States, and here in Brazil, some without notion, copied this bad idea, and look what happened in Suzano, and in other places, and still want to release guns. My God! What a world we are.
Yes, I make a reflection to Inova Educação, because and our salaries, where are they? In the belly and clothing of n political advisors, in the money laundering in n ways where we see only corruption, and our 10.15%, since last year we wait and receive nothing. There are teachers who are walking into chaos, and without counting, many times, we work from seven in the morning to twenty-three o'clock, we run away from home, without counting, that we take jobs to be seen, reviewed, and we are always studying to transmit knowledge and yet we are treated with garbage, better, garbage is still being recycled, we are after all what for our politicians.
I, in these 30 and a few years of education, have seen everything and a little more, today I see clearly that the government did what it did, and our class disunited.
For some, it seems to be good, but not really.
Not to mention, that today with the issue of inclusion, the school lacks partnerships, psychologists, psychopedagogues, and others as a help, and we don't have it. Family? !!! Well, with so many dysfunctional families, it seems that teachers have more functions, from kindergarten to university. This is a fact.
Therefore, to put, the best, I put many perspectives in my project of Life, I dreamed and today, in the reality of the years worked for the Education, I am with weakened health, without counting the vocal dysphonia, the deafness that is devastating not only in my ears, but also of my colleagues and many friends.
And, still dreaming of retirement, I don't know if I'll even make it, maybe death will come sooner, and who knows, being sarcastic, in the other life I'll be retired.
Ah. I apologize for the venturing, but here I trace what many want to say, and my way of manifesting and writing it.
Peace and good
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro,
Professor of Chemistry, Writer, Environmentalist and Spiritualist.
São Paulo, August 16, 2019.
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Basic Training Category: Life Project - 1st Edition/2019
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88 % (S) 88 %
My result in the first attempt to evaluate the Life Project
#? new_education.

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