A High Priest

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For every high priest chosen,
Among men that are appointed;
On behalf of those as frozen,
Until time comes when anointed.

For their relation to the Lord,
To offer sacrifice for sin;
That they remain in one accord,
While purified deep within.

He deals gently with the wayward,
As well as someone ignorant;
Slowly in driving them forward,
And patience with the arrogant.

He must offer a sacrifice,
For his own sin same as others;
For some of the things that entice,
To you as well as your brothers.

Nobody can take this honor,
Rather only called by God;
Just as Aaron was a fawner,
Attempting to erase where flawed.

The Father exalted Christ as Priest,
He had not been self-appointed;
Noble and meek to say the least,
For the Father had anointed.

As God said in another place,
That Christ is a Priest forever;
Because of having shed His grace,
The anointment will not sever.

In the days of His flesh on earth,
He offered prayers and supplication;
Loud cries and tears showed His true worth,
Reverence to dedication.

Even though Jesus was the Son,
Obedience taught to suffer;
For adversities that were done,
So, through prayer then He could buffer.

He is the source of salvation,
Being made the eternal source;
To all who gives admiration,
By obeying and stay on course.

Called on by God as a High Priest,
As prescribe by Melchizedek;
In Heaven to prepare the feast,
When we all make the righteous trek.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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