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Bipolarity -

What is being bipolar? Present some of these symptoms: Daily discouragement or sadness.
Difficulty concentrating, remembering or making decisions.
Weight loss and loss of appetite.
Overeating and weight gain.
Fatigue or lack of energy.
Feeling worthless, hopeless or guilty.
Being emotionally unstable time, loving time, just being human, wanting justice, wanting to give golden teachings to children, in my case, daily examples to the students I teach Chemistry? Being sensitive, sometimes bothering to be honest, passionate on social networks? Having such virtual networks millions of virtual friends, but few can count on the fingers those who are really loyal to me?
Yes, I know of my disorder, which distresses me every day, especially seeing equal news every day, politicking, beating and enslaving the poor, the teachers, and the Indians. Women are being stupidly murdered every day, and the laws are not improved in Brazil, or in the world. Nobody owns anyone, love is what I have with my husband, is what we saw at the wake of Augusto Liberato, love is something we should have, synonymous with Respect.
Yes, I'm bipolar, but I suffer from so many things I see, I hope that everything gets better, like that phrase, "pray it gets better!" We have to thank more, I have to stop complaining myself, and thank, smile, just do it. It comes out of the ostracism that I often live.
My words travel the world, and I often do not even leave my corner, my house, sometimes I am a character of Plato in the Cave Myth.
This is me, sincere, passionate, nature lover, is the writer Tereza Cristina G Castro, known as Téka Castro.
Graduated in Chemistry, teacher for 31 years, daughter, sister, wife, mother and citizen.
Daily struggle for the education professionals of the State of São Paulo, to win as at least councilmen or deputies.
Sao Paulo, November 29, 2019.
18h and 36min.


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