God is Love

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By this we know that we abide,
In Him as He abides in us;
And through our prayer we confide,
What is in our mind as thus.

He has given us His Spirit,
For we have seen and testify;
Through His Son we will inherit,
A Savior we cannot deny.

Whoever confesses that Christ,
Jesus as the true Son of God;
To know why He was sacrificed,
He purifies where we are flawed.

We have come to know and believe,
The love that God has for us all;
Love through salvation we receive,
That will pick us up when we fall.

God is love and whoso abides,
The love of God abides in them;
While His Holy Spirit guides,
That the Father will not condemn.

In us this love is perfected,
So that we have confidence;
On Judgment Day not rejected,
With Christ there for our defense.

For there is no fear in His love,
Since perfect love will cast out fear;
Because true love from up above,
Will always be kind and sincere.

Fear has to do with punishment,
Whoso fears love not perfected;
Judgment as an admonishment,
For the reverence neglected.

We love because He loved us first,
In return we must then revere;
But if we lie, we will be cursed,
Because we have not been sincere.

If anyone says they love God,
But is despising his brother;
Then their faith is also a fraud,
And the devil is their lover.

For one cannot be a liar,
And must love God and his brother;
God must be the true desire,
The triune God and no other.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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