Belem Mission

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Belem Mission

Fourteen years of welcoming young people and people who are sick from drugs.
Welcomed in the gospel, in the team environment, where everyone can sweep the ground or not, one feeds the other with compassion and respect.
Everything is done with affection, it is an arduous journey for the young person to follow, they have to love it very much, and be sure that Christ will strengthen them every day.
My son, who is a friend of one of the young people of the Mission, came without pretension to speak to me, so I write some words of birthday, and I did a survey, to really know what is the Bethlehem Mission ( https://missaobelem.org/ ), and after reading some things, and seeing others, I remembered the happiness of when my son went to a retreat with the staff of the Mission.
He came differently, and with a purer heart, and this he transmitted to us.
Today I see something more, the good can be done, just want to practice, without announcing, without exposing yourself, and whoever wants to collaborate, just donate ( https://pagseguro.uol.com.br/checkout/nc/nl/donation/sender-identification.jhtml?t=e85aef70faf5de120b535836c05be8112f806d27161a330ea0c657c8b102f2cc&e=true#rmcl ), no matter the value, donate your heart.
I don't know at the moment if I'm going to donate, but I'm going to announce in my social networks and in various groups that I'm part of it, because the Church is not a temple, where people stay there, often for social reasons, or merely to appreciate the culture, the church is the people, the poor, the sick, and we who have love, time, can donate in a different way. We are all churches, not caring about religion, but with wonderful attitudes that renew our hearts.
Today in special, day of the Elderly, day of Santa Terezinha, day in which the Mission Belem completes 14 years, soon, soon, debuting, becoming adolescent, and then, I invite you so that you can understand the life, and for everything there is a way out.
We can overcome the disease of drugs, here I also put medicines that we take without medical prescription, we can overcome the measure that we are helped, understood, welcomed, and above all, we want to experience a new path.
So, in summary, I thank Samuel, who took my Emmanuel to the camp in 2018 at the Bethlehem Mission and he liked it very much, especially Sister Karen. May God bless you all, and once again my congratulations and congratulations to all involved.
Peace and good.
Teka Castro.
I offer Samuel and his mother Laudeina, my son Emmanuel, Sister Karen and all the supporters, involved, and rescued in Bethlehem Mission.
São Paulo, October 1, 2019.
Transcribed to 3 sites.
Just search for Tereza Cristina G castro, on google or any other search engine. Thank you.

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