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A fullness of the Wolf Moon howls in the new January sky
Clusters of stars gather in symphony of a lonesome cry
Solitary footsteps in a forest of dreams draw near
Tracing lost innocence beneath the amber lunar light
Scent of Pines lace the misty ambience of midnight
Her softness of moonbeams illuminate my focus of sight

Silhouettes of the mountain cliffs
Wash down in winding rivers of Wailua
Nourishing her fertile valleys of Tarot and wild pua
Into the shadows of my existence pours her infused essence of Mauna loa
Nature's perfume of Polynesia
Beckons in rich enticing aroma

Movement of the ocean tides ebb and flow with her gravity of magnetic splendor
Instilling the sensuality of her touch from a million miles away
Coalescing the fabric of time in waves Translucent memories of late December
Free our passions from the bonds of earthly ember
Impressionist hues in a spectrum of soul to remember

The deities of life's mystery ponder in the vagrancy of humanity
Echo of purpose and meaning of the congruence of reality and dystopian society
Percolate in the shallow seas of incapacity
A wolf cries at the skylight of darken diversity
To know it is alive with the spirit of solidarity
Like a musical instrument emitting charm and natural beauty
Melting hearts embrace the heat of lunar light of cold wintry blue
To say you are not alone in a universe of complexity
A voice to unlock the secrets of emotions lovers pursue
Solve our mystery of fabeled clues as we write the songs of new

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