Being a Father

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Being a Father

What's it like to be a father?
Nowadays this concept with 3 letters only has a great meaning.
To be a father is to take care of your children,
To have affection even at the time of screaming.
Have the example of Love.
Know how to share time,
The thought.
To know how to conquer the fruit of life,
Fighting for solid reasons.
I know that there are parents who have only contributed with spermatozoa,
And, who abandoned their children still in the womb.
But, in reality, even those who live with their children are not present?
Father, a fraternal love, something that makes us feel secure,
And by loving the fruits of a love..,
He loves and understands his wife, his mother,
The wife who kept them in her womb for almost two hundred and seventy days...
After conception, they already call themselves parents.
And, even with human genetics,
Try creating in the lab,
The egg is fertilized,
To be a real father,
You must know that God created us immaculate...
The life of a father who often without study,
Yet he leaves it to his children,
The wisdom of life,
The example of love.
To be a father is to have the gift of love in oneself.
To respect the other,
To know that Life has ups and downs,
And that Dad's there to advise.
There are first-time parents with Tralli, a journalist from Globo,
Who is the father of little Manu, with the beautiful Ticiane Pinheiro.
Or father of 5 children, with special losses of 2, like my husband Edú.
There are parents who love their children in a rough way,
How his Francisco da Silva Mendes (in memoriam) loved us.
There are uncles who are parents, as in memoriam Uncle Ezequiel...
Father, a being blessed by God, who loves and sets an example.
Now I can't help but say,
What so-called father people,
They abuse their own sons and daughters.
They assault their wives,
That they think they own the piece.
To be a father is to have the presence of God in life,
It's to consecrate every child,
It's knowing how to show the discernment of the wheat chaff,
And, uh, show the way.
Being a father is something that my husband and brother are,
And with admiration, I write.
But, I wish, to the parents that many times,
They didn't genetically have their children,
Like the priests, but they're also parents.
They must be committed to loving their children,
They must have the wisdom not to sin.
Finally, to all parents,
Even if on the second Sunday in August,
For commercial reasons or not,
Let them be given that tribute,
For me,
Every day, anyway,
It's Family Day.
Peace and well.
A kiss to all parents, and children.

Biblical words for parents: https://www.google.com/search?q=mensagem+dab%C3%ADblia+about+be+father&oq=message+dab%C3%ADblia+about+be+father&aqs=chrome..69i57.9963j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Daughter, teacher, writer, wife, mother Téka Castro.
May everyone have a blessed day.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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