The Apostate Doom

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Woe to them who walk in the way,
Abandon for the sake of gain;
Allows themselves to go astray,
And later as they feel the pain.

The hidden reefs at your love feasts,
Someone feasts with you without fear;
Maybe some uninvited beasts,
Might suddenly come and appear.

Shepherds are feeding on their own,
Waterless clouds swept along by wind;
Fruitless trees uproot by cyclone,
Twice dead without not disciplined.

Wild waves flowing through the sea,
Casting up their own foam of shame;
Wandering stars are fancy free,
Utter darkness that does proclaim.

The Lord comes with His Holy saints,
Tens of thousands for to behold;
Their judgment is without restraints,
As time will tell and will unfold.

To execute judgment on all,
And to convict the shameful;
Into hades where they will fall,
Which only themselves are blameful.

Ungodliness they committed,
In such of an ungodly way;
And they were never acquitted,
Being sinners to disobey.

These grumblers and complainers,
Following sinful desires;
After lusts without restrainers,
Of what their pleasure requires.

They are always loud-mouthed braggers,
Showing favoritism for gain;
Loves to get drunk and then staggers,
The next morning suffers from pain.

But remember the predictions,
The prophecy of our Lord;
The doom of the afflictions,
That the apostate have ignored.

For the last days will bring scoffers,
Following their ungodly lusts;
Causing division to offer,
A devoid of who someone trusts.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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