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Curvature of the crescent Cameroon lunar light cast a shadow on silky lengths of burgundy strands
Deep hues of opal piercing grey drift away into mythical African sands
Heart of diamonds frozen in suspension
Absorbing warmth of earthly spirit ponders her princely connection
Fortunes of the universe of attraction

Oceans divide the morning and night as we search for the bounties of life
I look up to share her caress of starshine with enchanting delight
Heavens divide my desire for her fragrance of lilting French perfume
Into my lungs I breathe her moonlight
My endearing soul be consumed

Forces of elements of infinite array
Blossom in Plumeria garden pathways
Melt my heartstrings like a hot chocolate souffle
Queen of diamonds cut from steely chains
Richly crafted from the heat of Carbon and cosmic rays
Treasures of the soul inebriate in galactic display
Coelescent glow of a honey golden glaze
Gentle pulse of arteries upon my distant blue haze
Adolescent spirit of romance unbridled in crushing tidalwaves

Buried in fathoms of intimate raging seas
Swimming in a mystery of elusive immortality
Unlock the chains wrapped around our treasure chest of whimsical jewelry
Where dry riverbeds of the Sahara flow in ink wells of poetic streams
Where consciousness of love sifts through the hour glass of sandy dreams
In a magenta of artistic light illuminant
Burning with insatiable intimacy
Her spiritual embrace of the earth moon and sun
In a fateful alliance of gravity of magnetic fields of destiny

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