Future Splendor

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Rise and shine for the dawning light,
The glory of the Lord appears;
For giving you a new insight,
To everyone that reveres.

But darkness shall cover the earth,
And a thick darkness on people;
It will be showing their true worth,
Because not knowing the Gospel.

His glory will be seen on you,
Because you have come to the light;
As long as you will remain true,
While doing all that is right.

The nations shall come to your light,
Kings to the brightness as you rise;
As it chases away the night,
Allows you to open your eyes.

Lift up all around for your eyes,
See all who started to amass;
To hear from your sons that are wise,
And daughters will not trespass.

Then you shall to be radiant,
Your heart shall exult and be thrilled;
Affable and obedient,
For being spiritually filled.

As the abundance of the sea,
The Holy Spirit fills your heart;
The wealth of the nations shall be,
Coming to you that you impart.

The multitude of camels cover,
They shall bring frankincense and gold;
Vultures will be flying over,
To see if death that could unfold.

They shall be bringing us Good News,
As they sing praises to the Lord;
For both the Gentiles and Jews,
How we can be in one accord.

They will accept for the altar,
And beautify the lovely home;
But not deviate or falter,
Never to stray of ever roam.

Who are these that fly like a cloud,
Like turtle doves to their windows;
As they sweep down over the crowd,
The splendor of glory that grows.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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