I Only Knew You For A Moment

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We started out as enemies
Many years ago at school
Chasing after the same girl
Who made us out to be a fool

It was then we became friends
How it happened, who knows
But every day we hung out
We had become more like bros

Three years later I left town
I moved around here and there
But I never forgot my friend
As I moved everywhere

It was four years later
When I saw you at the store
We remembered all the good times
When we use to hang before

But I had to move again
Life was taking me away
I went where the jobs were
There was no time for any play

But I still remembered you
I kept you hidden in my mind
I knew we would hang again
Not leave our friendship behind

It was another seven years
When I saw you again at work
I couldn't believe you were there
With that same silly smirk

Now we can hang again
We can catch up on the past
All those years that went by
They were gone oh so fast

But our time was short lived
For I had to go away
I had become a sort of drifter
In one place I could not stay

Seven more years went on by
It was then I settled down
My wife and I came on back
To my little hometown

I was hard at work one day
When I saw you standing by
With a smile on your face
My best friend from Junior High

I was happy to see you again
I was finally home to stay
There was so much to catch up on
So many stories to convey

We talked every day
We made plans to hang out
We were going to go camping
I would show you my favorite route

Eight weeks later you were gone
Your life taken by your hands
What the hell just happened
We had made so many plans

I didn't want to believe it
I just couldn't take the news
My best friend was just gone
What the hell, I'm so confused

The next day I find out
What was going on with you
There was so much I didn't know
That you were going through

I didn't know about your struggles
I didn't know about your pain
I didn't know about your cancer
Or the tumor on your brain

I didn't know that you were hurt
That you wanted it to end
I wish you told me of your pain
I wish I knew my best friend

I don't know how you did it
I don't even want to know
I can't begin to imagine
If you knew you would go

Twenty-One years of your friendship
And out of all the time gone by
I only knew you for a moment
And now your gone as I cry

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