Spiritual Testing

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Believe not every spirit,
Rather test the spirits to see;
Whether or not they inherit,
From God all that He does decree.

Many false prophets have gone out,
Spreading lies all around the earth;
Causing people to have much doubt,
Of the Messiah and His birth.

For you know the Spirit of God,
Every spirit to confess;
That Jesus Christ is not a fraud,
The heavenly Father will bless.

For the Father made it His plan,
That the Word as being His Son;
Would come in the flesh as a man,
For ensuring the task was done.

Any spirit confessing not,
That Jesus is truly the Christ;
Darkness is what is being sought,
Satan has already enticed.

You have heard that the antichrist,
Which has come and already here;
All those who have been sacrificed,
It is Satan who they revere.

You are from God overcame them,
For Christ is greater than them all;
Jesus ensures as to condemn,
In the Lake of Fire, they fall.

For they are truly from this place,
And from this world that they will speak;
It is the darkness they embrace,
For the earthly pleasures they seek.

The world listens to all of them,
Causing the chaos and violence;
Not heeding that God will condemn,
Persecuting to cause silence.

Whoever knows listens to us,
Any not from God have ignored;
The Spirit of Truth will be as thus,
As the Spirit of our Lord.

The others follow the devil,
Who is the spirit of error;
Always conducting of evil,
In attempting to cause terror.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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