Life is a passage

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Life is a passage

Suddenly we lose in matter, we perceive the absence of people, and tears flood our eyes.
The pain of seeing a life gone, and that matter has left us. But at the core the hope that God took her to another place, another environment, a clear place, without fear, without fear, but that becomes more an apprenticeship for us all.
Life is a passage, which we often think only of materiality, and we forget the dreams, the pains, the pains and the loves of ourselves and others.
We are in an existence where there are meetings and farewells, where there are experiences to be lived, lessons that we have to learn, for all of us, any living being, whether human, animal or vegetable, are here in constant learning, and even if we pray a lot, (Allah, Allah, Jehovah, Emmanuel ...), we are very far away because we observe our own navels, and forget that life is something to learn together to walk.
After all, we are made up of the same carbon atom, the same DNA of God. God is Holy Spirit, and we too many maternalists, even when it comes to composing poetry.
I offer the families: Janza, Riveiro, Castro, Mendes, Gonçalves, who saw that the time of Josefina Janza, in the matter is over, and today a new road begins before God.
To all who have left Brumadinho and many others. Especially the 7-year-old Arthur Lula, a victim of the little girl. Let's get vaccinated. Do not fear the vaccine, whatever it is. Peace to all the family of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.Lembrando to all, that love must always win.
Lord give them the eternal rest needed.
And may we always thank God for everything.
Teka Castro, daughter, mother, wife, teacher, writer, citizen.
Contact: alegabema@gmail.com
São Paulo, March 5, 2019.
Tuesday of Carnival.
7th day of the passage of my aunt to another life. God gives strength to the people who have stayed here. Amen.

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