The Perfect Sacrifice

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Since the Law has but a shadow,
Of the good things to come instead;
Of true form of the realms we know,
Cannot be forfeitures we dread.

For by the same sacrifices,
That are repeatedly offered;
Makes perfect of one who complies,
With the Law given in the Word.

Otherwise would they not have ceased,
Be offered by the worshippers;
After the sins have been released,
Not conscious of sinful blunders.

Sacrifices are reminders,
Sins committed every year;
And considered as faultfinders,
Our actions are not sincere.

It is impossible for blood,
From the cattle as well as goats;
Immersing in the crimson flood,
All the iniquities that gloat.

For when Christ came into this place,
Sacrifices and offerings;
Are not desired to embrace,
To the iniquity that clings.

For the burnt offerings given,
And sin offerings no pleasure;
Gives you not the keys to Heaven,
For inheriting any treasure.

Jesus has come to do your will,
As it is written in the Book;
For encouragement to instill,
So past sin God will overlook.

When you have neither desired,
Nor that you have taken pleasure;
Of the offerings required,
Being offered for good measure.

For Christ has come to do your will,
He has done away with the first;
Established the second to fill,
Your body and to quench your thirst.

By that we have been sanctified,
Offering the body of Christ;
Letting Him to be crucified,
For the offering sacrificed.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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