Science Fair of EE Professor Doctor Lauro Pereira Travassos - 07/11/2019.

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Science Fair of EE Professor Doctor Lauro Pereira Travassos - 07/11/2019.

Although so many things we see and observe in 2019, in the school environment, problems that were for the national and international media, still exist and resist some teachers, and students, join together with employees and managers, to carry out good activities, in terms of learning.
We have big problems, as in any public school, we are located in São Paulo, in the periphery, between the adjacencies of Jardim Selma and Vila Missionária, in the subprefecture of Cidade Ademar. With problems of indiscipline and without counting the real salary of the teacher in the education office of São Paulo, and the lack of many materials for the realization of an event.
But, we overcome at any and every moment, we are fragile yes, but we are agile to the point that the union transforms us, and our method of teaching, some still traditional, such as euzinha, others more contemporary, and with the tendency of young people who are going through transformation, and have many problems, held a science fair, was very good done by an entire school team, from the kitchen "aunts", who do the snack, the organization agents, the teachers, the coordination, the management, and Patricia Martins, responsible for cleaning the school, in fact, we are all responsible for cleaning in the public sphere, we always have to organize ourselves for that. Of course, even the thanks go to the cantineiro, Mr. Sebastião ( alias: Tchaca ), who helped us a lot in the realization of the event. Therefore all deserve the congratulations, even the family members of the students in question, fathers, mothers, grandparents, responsible, the boys of the M. L. L guild who cooperated with the fair, finally even the South Board 1, which provided the presence of two PCNPs present here to honor our students.
I thank each student who wisely explained his exposition, talking openly about drugs, sexuality, nervous system, and the little ones talking about the reaction of volcanoes, the rotation and translation of the Earth, the issue of Brumadinho's tragedy, and so many other things. Remembering that as a readapted teacher, I participated in the elaboration of the project idealized by the teacher Quitéria Karla, rethinking the use of the plastic, had until the exhibition of the toy comes and goes, that had when child-adolescent, and others, had exhibition of videos, and others. Congratulations for the creativity, patience and all the explanations I saw.
Thank you for everything. You will only change the world for peace, when you learn to value your studies, and know that philosophically we are here for a great learning.
Life is full of gifts. Thank you all.

Chemistry teacher and writer Téka Castro.

São Paulo, November 8, 2019.
To the students, teachers, parents, employees of EE Prof. Dr. Lauro Pereira Travassos.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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