To be or not to be a councilwoman

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To be or not to be a councilwoman

I received a proposal from a colleague to be a candidate in 2020, as a councilwoman for the largest city in the country, São Paulo.
But, nothing clear yet. I fear for lives, not only mine, but also my family's.
Yes, those who want to work well are placed second, third, and many can kill, as happened in Rio de Janeiro, with Councilwoman Mairelle Franco.
If I enter this political world, I won't deny that I will fight on the issue of education, improvement for teachers, employees and especially our students. Another point is the environmental issue, remembering that in the dirty, polluted and disturbing environment like the "garbage" that we throw around the streets, the lack of recycling, and the sustainability issue, is a level that aims to improve health and the respiratory issue and finally, I will fight a lot for the family issue, I know that we have to respect the families formed since then, but and the nucleated family, without violence, without authoritarianism or machismo, without men offending their wives or partners.
To fight for these reasons, not to mention the inclusion factor, yes and old age, ... There are so many political levels, and I criticize myself, do I really have the capacity to see injustice and be quiet?
It is difficult to accept. I have many proposals to give, to start that the young person can yes start working with 14 years, and study. Well, it's just not possible to get stuck.
My colleague proposed to go ahead, to leave already as a pre-candidate, but I am worried, since I do not have complete health.
It is difficult to follow the proposals of the party, in which the PSOL, because I have my neuras, my preconceptions and I am trying to deal with it.
Therefore, I apologize if I do not accept, because there is more to it than my life at stake, there are others that need my care.
And, I honestly wouldn't accept any money, and see my fellow teachers and others, often without having anything to eat.
Yes, we should, soon, change the salary issue of our governors, of the people we elect, there is no need for a tie, jacket, or housing, but there is the need to invest in the country, especially in Education, Health, Safety and Environment.
So I leave here my renunciation of Psol, and I ask God to help us in 2020 to elect more sensible and perceptive people for the future of our City, of our Country.
Tereza Cristina G M Castro, present!
São Paulo, October 7, 2019.

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