From Suffering to Praise

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Why have You forsaken me?
Why are You so far from saving?
I have been blind and cannot see,
How transgression is enslaving.

Hear the words within my groaning,
I cry to You by day and night;
But answers not to my moaning,
I find no rest by morning light.

You are holy enthroned in praise,
Sweet memories inhabit me;
And continue to laud always,
Why are You not hearing my plea.

In You our fathers trusted,
They trusted and You reclaimed;
Forgive me from what I lusted,
For I have been feeling ashamed.

They were rescued when they had cried,
And their trust was not put to shame;
I rid myself of all my pride,
As I now am praising Your name.

But I am a worm not a man,
Scorned by mankind and despised;
Maintaining You within my plan.
Saved from Satan who is disguised.

All who see me are mocking me,
They make fun as they laugh to scorn;
I need to find a place for to flee,
Their criticism makes me mourn.

I trust in the Lord to deliver,
You rescue me for Your delight;
Because You are a forgiver,
Being a blessing in Your sight.

For You took me out of the womb,
Nourished by my mother’s breast;
And has kept me out of the tomb,
But I am in need time to rest.

On You was I cast from my birth,
Ever since then have been my God;
In the womb You have known my worth,
And are willing to cleanse where flawed.

Please not be far away from me,
Because I know trouble is near;
There is none to help I can see,
An ultimate fate what I fear.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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