Goodbye to Ricardo Boechat

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Goodbye to Ricardo Boechat

Suddenly love for the family spoke loudly on this tragic day.
After doing the journalism, in Band, wanted to have lunch next to the beloved wife.
It was something we tried to explain, but only God to give the opinion.
The helicoptéro piloted by an experienced pilot Ronaldo Quattrucci, suddenly had a break, and an accident happened.
The helicopter crashed into Via Anhaguera, Rodoanel de São Paulo, and collided with the truck driver João Adroaldo, who still tried to stop the truck, but did not have to, the shock was inevitable. The cabin of the truck through the images, it seemed that there would be no survivors, but it was not a day of going to meet God.
But unfortunately, when it is our hour, inexplicable things happen, and we can not deviate from our passage, from the death of matter, for the spirit continues its evolution.
A great journalist is gone, in matters, but his legacy will be great, he went through great broadcasters, he tried for the few times I heard, to be fair, he did not like corruption or injustice. If it was a body, a voice, but I believe it will inspire many to be like him, to seek truth and justice.
But, my goodbye is not only to him, also to the pilot, and ending this tribute, I leave my sincere sorrows the family of both.
May we here pray that there will be justice and peace for all, especially those who will miss it and who will not see the matter any more, but will feel the energy of those who have left.
May God welcome you with open arms.
Téka Castro, writer, professor of the discipline of Chemistry, environmentalist and spiritualist.
São Paulo, February 12, 2019.

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