Indigenous lands

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Indigenous lands

Funai, an organ that helps the Brazilian Indians, but this year, because of third parties, lost its power in the matter of land demarcation.
I already suffer, for my people, Portuguese, to have murdered and taken from the owners of this land, peace, religion, connection with Nature, and giving a fat Indian, now more prone to the white man's diseases, attenuated.
But, very run by grileiros, who act like rapists, murderers and that leave the earth a chaos. They want pasture where they do not have to, they want to take the rivers from their places, and not to mention other moments.
I wonder what Brazil will look like in 2019, where agriculture takes care of the interests of the farmers, grileiros, and the like.
And meanwhile, the impoverished villages, lifeless, without appreciation, today I read in the face that 11 years ago that Sister Dorothy, for trying to save the Amazon, tribes, and now what will be?
Not to mention, that the new minister Damires, who impose her religion, what this?
We're going too far.
What will happen to our people, to the Indians, to Brazil, to our forests, and to the seas?
Finally, that we have life and peace in all our fields, and to begin with Respect the indigenous and environmentalist issue in our Brazil.
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https://www.google.com/search?client=avast&q=guareros+and+posseiros and https://www.valor.com.br/policy/6019979/beach-internet-free-to-change-india? utm_source = Facebook & utm_medium = Social & utm_campaign = Share & fbclid = IwAR0_renXjJPX_3ZeWoxJu9X0a8MEAlFs6y-yNKlc_6DLe8FSClmCh9X0688.
Teka Castro, professor of Chemistry, environmentalist, spiritualist, mother, daughter, wife, citizen.
São Paulo, January 4, 2019.
6:18 p.m. afternoon with good rain.
I dedicate this poem to the first lady Michelle Bolsonaro, and to the anniversaries of this month, especially my comadre Célia Campos.

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