Christian Suffering

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The culmination of all things,
Has been becoming close at hand;
Be controlled and mind what it brings,
Of what the future will demand.

Keep your love for one another,
Since love cures a multitude of sin;
Helping your sister and brother,
As you should to all of your kin.

Always show hospitality,
To others without complaining;
Showing impartiality,
While joyfully explaining.

For each one has received a gift,
Use it being a good steward;
To motivate and to up lift,
Through the custody to the Word.

Let the words spoken be of God,
Do so through that His strength supplied;
Because His Word is never flawed,
Through Jesus Christ as glorified.

You already know the story,
From all His power forever;
To Him belongs all the glory,
Knowing that it will not sever.

Astonish not by the fire,
As developed from a trial;
Something strange from your desire,
That you live in your lifestyle.

Rejoice in the degree you share,
Through the sufferings that of Christ;
His glory revealed through your prayer,
In knowing what was sacrificed.

If you are ever insulted,
By anyone else in His name;
You are blest and are exalted,
Through His Spirit that you proclaim.

None of you suffer as a thief,
Or being a troublemaker;
Remain having a strong belief,
Never being a forsaker.

But the righteous are barely saved,
What will become of the sinners;
As the ungodly have been enslaved,
By their sin cannot be winners.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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