Fight the Good Fight

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O man of God, flee earthly things,
Pursue a righteous godliness;
Things as to what faith and love brings,
That causes steadfast gentleness.

Build up your faith, fight the good fight,
And take hold of eternal life;
By remaining within the light,
Coping with ridicule and strife.

You were called to a profession,
In the presence of witnesses;
For making a good confession,
Outside holy edifices.

You were charged in the sight of God,
Who has given life to all things;
And unto Christ honor and laud,
The good confession that it clings.

Please keep the commandment unstained,
Free from a reproach or smearing;
Your proclaiming is unrestrained,
Till your Lord is reappearing.

He displays at the proper time,
Whoever deserves His blessings;
Condemn those with unconfessed crime,
Being rebuked for transgressing.

Christ is the Sovereign Lord of lords,
And for being the King of kings;
Words sharper than the two-edged swords,
But severs not what the cured clings,

For He has immortality,
Dwells in unapproachable light;
Divine without iniquity,
With His glory shining so bright.

For no man has seen or can see,
Just as witnesses to the Word;
An eternal that has to be,
Believing in what has been heard.

For the rich in this present age,
Charge them never to be haughty;
But in God rather than a wage,
And for to be an adoptee.

From the faith there are some that swerve,
Because of professing the truth;
While others willing to serve,
Being humble and not uncouth.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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