What does art teach?

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The text I wrote to my daughter, unfortunately I could not pass through the Discipline, I made a mistake in this article, being the fourth time I wrote it. Can it be wrong for a mother to even intercede in the writing of the children? Do not know. I love writing, and researching. I learn from this. I dedicate to all who make of the Art, Culture and Culture of art. Teka Castro, writer. Mom.
Alexia Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro
Dance - 4 - 2nd semester 2018.
Discipline: Dance Class: organization
Profª Ms. Paula Salles.

What does art teach?

What does art teach? In a general way, answer this question with the simple phrase: "Teaches Culture", but what would be the definition of culture in a totally contemporary world? Inquiries are so many and varied answers. The art is dramatic, sensationalist, poetic, romantic, and in so many other ways.
Our way of learning art, or enjoying a picture, a literature, the screen of the cinema, or even the graffiti walls, all this expresses art. Here I even remember the song Watercolor of Toquinho, "On any leaf I draw a yellow sun
And with five or six straight it is easy to make a castle.
I run the pencil around the hand and give myself a glove,
And if I make it rain, with two scratches I have an umbrella.
If a little penguin falls on a blue piece of paper,
In an instant I imagine a beautiful seagull flying in the sky.
It flies around the immense North and South,
I'm going with her, traveling, Hawaii, Beijing or Istanbul.
I paint a white sailing boat, sailing, it's both sky and sea in a blue kiss.
Between the clouds comes a beautiful pink and grená airplane.
All around coloring, with its lights flashing.
Just imagine and he's leaving, serene, going,
And if we want it, it will land.
On any sheet I design a departure vessel
With some ... ", where in the letter itself expresses art, life, the question of fantasy. Art is an expression that marvels in the eyes of all.
The art is in the beauty of we observe from the rose bud to the fall of the petals.
Art is a multidisciplinary process that needs to be developed with love, often in some cases, with pains in the knee joints, as in the case of dance. Where dance, as well as other arts, develop something mesmerizing to viewers. Something that fascinates from the young age until the face more adult.
Rereading the article again: What does art teach? From Isabel Marques and Fábio Brazil, and reviewing other aspects that I have already written, now with so much information, or scratch texts, I see the meaning of this in my life as a student of the fourth semester of the dance course, as a volunteer teacher for 5 years Family School Program, and now at the Dizioli Dance Theater, teaching children and adults, about ballet, I see far beyond my own understanding.
Art is taught in so many ways, in schools where there are several formators of the Discipline of Art, I realize that each one has its own characteristics, some teach painting and sculpture, others give value to creativity, others the theoretical question of Art teaching. Even if you have a curriculum to be followed every teacher in that discipline, they have their differential.
And, in that question, do I think of what I can teach art to my students? Dance? Space? Rhythm? Time? Interact art with other disciplines such as History, Philosophy, Sociology, and others.
Art teaches the socialization and communication of people, reflection, even in a simple "scribble" that a child expresses in his creativity.
The art is beyond discipline a therapy, for example the art of making handicrafts, and in our country this handicraft issue is beautiful, it favors so many families, from the South to the North of our country. Be it the art of cooking, folk, plastic, visual, art is something that feeds the soul.
Art itself teaches us respect, understanding of attitudes and values. And, in particular, I put myself in this learning, because I express art in my daily life, in each Plie, I elevate pirouettes, which I perform in my daily life.
Art transforms me as the text of the quoted authors says, art is free expansion of thoughts.

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