Saving Faith

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Faith is the assurance of things,
Hope of what to look forward to;
About what that the unseen brings,
Of the promises to construe.

For by it the people of old,
Had received their condemnation;
That the wrath of the Lord did scold,
About their abomination.

By our faith we understand,
All things created by the Word;
Because of that God does command,
Giving life to all that occurred.

So, of what is seen was not made,
Out of things that are visible;
Through the foundation that He laid,
To a place that is feasible.

By faith we offer unto God,
An acceptable sacrifice;
That is giving honor and laud,
For the One who had paid the price.

Through which He commends as righteous,
Looks down with favor for the gifts;
Giving blessings that are boundless,
For saving faith as it uplifts.

By faith we will be taken up,
For living after our death;
As we drink His blood from the cup,
Giving new life after last breath.

It is impossible to please,
Without faith for bridging the gap;
He ignores our prayerful pleas,
As Satan holds us in his trap.

By faith God will send a warning,
Of the events as yet unseen;
Saving from a sudden mourning,
Caused by a disastrous scene.

For the designer and builder,
Has laid a solid foundation;
Not to confuse or bewilder,
Rather by giving salvation.

From one man that was good as dead,
Gave birth to the stars in Heaven;
For the bread of life, we are fed,
Faith as eternally given.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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