1/7/19 The Basics With Pastor Beth

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Thanks, Lord, for this Message.
You are giving me new insights and You are giving me practical helps for the life You have given me.
I can have a do over.
Many times I am bored.
Boredom and change are opportunities to reinvent.
Reinvention has a process.
In Judges, You tell me to go in the strength that I do have.
Luke 13:6-9
You are speaking a parable here.
You are looking for fruit and so am I.
There is a process.
I need to give it a year.
It's a transformation process.
The purpose You have given me is to serve You and I can serve You through helping others.
I need to become more organized.
I have an ideal self and a real self.
You are speaking to my spirit, which is the real me.
The body You have given me allows me access to the Earth You have created.
Without the body, I can't be on the Earth.
The soul is my mind, emotions and will.
The soul is my personality.
You are the Perfect Substitution.
It is important that I have a healthy will, not a weak will or a strong will to a fault.
The gap is between the real and ideal self.
I need to dig around the roots.
The ideal is that I know You deeply.
You are knowable and You want to be known.
I am never alone and You are always with me.
You want to be known deeply.
I need to know You better.
I need to know You more deeply and more personally.
I need to be more likely You, Christ.
It's not that I loved You but it's that You loved me.
I need to love others.
I need to be patient and I need to be kind.
I need to be peaceful, joyful, gentle, faithful and self-controlled.
I need to agree with You.
Agreeing with You will bring so much peace to life.
I need to live to please You.
I need to point people to You.
I want to lead one person to You, Lord, this year.
I need to worship You and pray.
You are searching for those who will worship You in spirit and in truth.
You told me to pray.
I need to be full of faith and Spirit-filled.
I need to make disciples.
I need to go out into the world and make learners of You.
I need to go and make disciples.
You have promised to satisfy the thirst and the hunger that I have.
You have more for me.
2 Corinthians 3:18
You are the Spirit and there is freedom, or liberty wherever You are.
I need to allow You to reinvent me, Holy Spirit.
Reinvention is Your Work.
Psalm 11:3
Amen, thank You.

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