False Teacher Judgment

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Though I have been eager to write,
Of our common salvation;
I am compelled to shed some light,
Faith building for a foundation.

Mercy unto you peace and grace,
As entrusted unto the saints;
That the Gospel truly embrace,
Remembering of the restraints.

People have secretly slipped in,
Those who have been marked and condemned;
The ungodly stinking of sin,
From the inner depths they have stemmed.

They have turned grace into evil,
And deny Jesus Christ as Lord;
For their master is the devil,
Who they have beloved and adored.

I desire to remind you,
That Jesus had saved from the land;
Later destroyed to bid adieu,
From tyranny of their demand.

Some angels that as you know,
Did not stay within their domain;
Forsook their place to go below,
Stay with Satan where they remain.

He has kept them locked up in chains,
In utter darkness till that day;
When Christ returns and as He reigns,
Judgment falls if you disobey.

Those who have such immoral ways,
Pursued unnatural desire;
Sinful action that someone strays,
Condemned to the lake of fire.

For as a result of their dreams,
With their flesh that they defile;
Their fate will result in their screams,
Flames will be their domicile.

They spoke evil of many things,
They knew not what it is about;
Despising all of what God brings,
Filled with disbelief and their doubt.

May the Lord rebuke if you teach,
Words contrary to what is truth;
May the waves foaming shame to reach,
False teachers declared as uncouth

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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