2/10/19 - 2/16/19 Pastor Osteen's Miracles In Your Mouth

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Thanks, Lord, for this Message and thank You for helping TBN to overcome the technical difficulties due to interference so that I can hear Your Voice through these messages on the television in the name of Jesus Christ.
You are the Greatest Miracle, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.
Proverbs 27:17
You are making crooked places straight and You are pushing back forces of darkness.
It's great to be in Your House, Master
I need to let go of the negative baggage.
You want me to draw near to You with confident assurance.
You are the Perfect Example.
You are Mighty and You are Marvelous.
You are Great and You are Wonderful.
You are an Awesome God.
You reign from Heaven above with wisdom, power and love.
For You alone are worthy to be worshipped because You are God Almighty, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.
Your Presence is an open door, Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit of God.
We want You, Lord.
Praise precedes the victory.
You have come and You have made a way for us.
You are here even on this site.
You are here even now.
You are Life.
You are Truth.
You are Love.
You are God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit of God.
You are the Most High God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.
You are Alive in me.
Acts 2:38
Words have creative power.
The Spirit of faith is in our words.
Nothing happens until You speak.
I am creative.
What You have started, You will finish.
I am free.
I am victorious.
There is power in agreement.
I am well-able.
You have put things in my heart that many people don't understand.
You have put a vision of social justice in my heart and You have confirmed this vision at Your House today.
You have put dreams and promises in our spirits.
I need to get in agreement with You.
You are opening doors that no one can shut.
I need to hold fast to the profession of the faith You have given me.
I am surrounded by Your favor.
Goodness and mercy are chasing me down.
Psalm 35:27 says that You take pleasure in prospering Your children.
I am energetic.
Psalm 91
You are protecting me from evil and enemies.
You are my Refuge and You are our Protector.
I am blessed and I am highly favored by You, Lord.
When You create, You use words instead of material things.
You have given me the gift of creativity and this includes the gift of writing.
I need to agree with You.
Genesis 1
When You said let there be light, there was light.
You are Supernatural and You are Sovereign.
You have the final say.
You are All-Powerful.
You speak thing to my heart that my mind does not understand.
I need to agree with what You have placed in my spirit.
Your Words caused a dead man named Lazarus to come back to life.
You are the Rock and the water of life flows from Your Heart.
You are Grace Personified.
You have paid the price with Your Life on the Cross at Calvary.
You paid the price for all of us.
I am blessed and I am free.
I have Your favor.
Problems are turning around.
I am excited about the future.
Amen, thank You.

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