Judge God

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The Almighty One, God the Lord,
Speaks from the rising of the sun;
Summons the earth in one accord,
Till setting of the day is done.

Out of Zion, flawless beauty,
The perfection that the Lord shines;
The day progresses with duty;
As each hour intertwines.

For God comes not keeping silence,
As a devouring fire;
A mighty tempest assurance,
Avoiding earthly desire.

He calls from Heaven up above,
Down to the earth that He may judge;
Compassion brings upon His love,
Unto those who do not begrudge.

Gather the ones His faithful saints,
Who made a covenant with God;
By sacrifice without restraints,
For abolishing where one is flawed.

Heaven declares His righteousness,
For God Himself will be the judge;
He will consider graciousness,
For someone not holding a grudge.

Listen to Him for He will speak,
He will testify against you;
Because many will never seek,
As they distort of what is true.

Not for sacrifice to berate,
Your offerings are always made;
Without the faith you seal your fate,
Punishment will not be delayed.

He will never accept a bull,
Or the goats coming from your fold;
For all of them are pitiful,
And you are too brazen and bold.

All the beasts are His in the field,
And of the cattle on the hills;
For flaws are able to be healed,
From a confession that instills.

God knows all the birds in the air,
And the wild beasts in the field;
Giving all of them loving care,
As the mysteries are revealed.

Copyright © 2021 Richard Newton Sherrer

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