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A divinity of energy reflects brightly in the mirrors of my existence
Operatic voices of sweet deliverance
In poetic melody and reverence
Reverberate in holy Milan cathedrals
A warmth of sound soothing the heralding of angels in heavens ethereal
Across surreal hemispheres and all things material
Empathy of spirit and compassion
A sacred love ideal
Blessing spirits of the living with tranquility of hearts congeal
Celebrating a brotherhood of dreams with eternal inspiration
To calm the pulse of society in lyrical ritual

Oceans of serenity wash over a sadness of humanity
Smoothing the jagged corals of callous disparity
Dissolving the disillusion of shadows of lost mortality
Into the vastness of seas of distant galaxies
To embrace the face of God's luminosity
Scattered in glittery facets from the palms of eternity
Stardust reigns from angels of enigmatic purity

Graceful hands extend upwards on dark horizon
Like the crepuscular rays of the morning sun
Upwards in prisms to light the sky of new day
A muscular grasp of nature's serenade of infinite array
Souful universe of emotion as ancient constellations fade
To embrace the fate of hearts lost and jaded
Pouring from ladles of mystical waterfalls of the sacred
Onto earthly sands of the souls of aged

A country in hibernation seeks to break the chains of viral contamination
In spiritual union and steadfast determination
To absolve the binding strength of strangulation
To cast its darkness from hearts of humanity
Drown its tentacles beneath fathoms of history
Alleviate its beastly grip of demonic misery
With prayers and hope upon the crest of waves of ocean serenity
In a Renaissance of sovereign Christian identity

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