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"What is time? Relative duration of things that creates in the human being the idea of the present, past and future; continuous period in which events take place.
Can we go back in time, start over again?
Don't make the same mistakes we've made so far?
Today in the teachers' room I heard a beautiful "Cantiga de Escárnio (the troubadours make criticisms in an indirect and veiled way, through puns, ambiguity and irony. in which I will nevertheless praise you; and you see how I want to loar you: old lady, old lady and sandia!), which my colleague Dora, read from her 1stA students, moved me very much, something real, that cites the political, environmental crisis that we are living.
There are hours that I would like to go back in time, not to have been born sick, with the umbilical cord in my neck, or to have undergone a 12-hour surgery of Urinary Reflux at the age of four.
I wanted to go back in time, to be a kinder, more capable, more diplomatic person.
I wish I hadn't destroyed the woods or burned the forests, I wish I had a party every day for my parents and my family.
I did not want to mock the present, nor fear the future, but I wanted to understand the construction of a greater love, that of Christ, who for me, for you, was crucified on the cross.
I wanted to feel again the gestation of my children, to have and to have fed and nourished them better, so that they would not have pain today.
I wanted to go back in time and recognize my mistakes much earlier, and rejoice in the conquests of others.
I wanted to have peace, and to love, whenever possible, in addition to giving that peace to others around me.
I wanted to be able to go back in time and help God build the Earth, and put only good people, without killing, without aggression, without corruption.
I wanted to see a different time, and make our planet more capable of loving, and preserving our ideals.
I wish there were no wars, only moments of peace."
Teka Castro.
Written on facebook, on 11/09/2019.
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