2/11/19 Pastor Osteen's Removing Negative Labels

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Thanks for helping TBN to overcome the technical difficulties due to interference so that I can hear Your Word through Pastor Osteen seven days a week on the television and not just twice a week.
I need to remove the negative labels that I am crazy and I will be put in a mental institution after You take mother home.
Words are like seeds.
I am blessed and I am creative.
Wrong labels can keep me from my destiny.
I am who You say that I am.
I need to wear the right labels.
You determine the destiny You have given me.
I need to remove these negative labels.
The real battle is taking place in my mind.
I need to put some new labels on today.
I am a difference maker.
You are not moved by the things that have been spoken over me.
You are All-Powerful and You are All-Knowing.
You can still get me to my destiny.
I am redeemed and I am forgiven.
You have created me in Your image.
In Psalms, You say that I am fearfully and You say that I am wonderfully made.
You have an assignment for me that no one else can fulfill.
There is nothing ordinary about me.
You have breathed Your life into me and You have crowned me with Your favor.
You have a destiny for me to fulfill.
King David's own father did not even believe in him and Your brothers did not believe in You, either.
People look on the outside while You look at the heart.
Isaiah 54:17
I am a history maker and I am a world changer.
You can use my limitations as assets.
The experts can be wrong.
Hurting people end up hurting other people.
You know how powerful labels are.
I need to remove the old labels.
I am more than a conqueror according to Romans 8:37.
I am what I answer to, not what people call me.
Amen, thank You.

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